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Harding Family Quilts
Goose In The Pond
This quilt came from Louise Harding's attic.  Click here to read more about Louise's family. 
The Goose In The Pond quilt is one of my favorites from Louise's collection.   I can only imagine why the Harding women chose particular patterns for their quilts; however, my imagination doesn't have to go very far to guess the significance of this block.   Over the years the small farm was home to literally thousands of fowl - chickens, guineas, ducks and geese.  I imagine this quilt was at least partially inspired by the birds.
The quilt is approximately 72"x72" and is made of 16, 12" Goose In The Pond blocks set on point on a background of plain muslin setting blocks.
The piecing is precise with corners and points meeting perfectly.  The quilting stitches are even and tiny.     The  careful piecing and quilting stitches match the older quilts in this collection, one of which dates back to the 1860s.  However, this quilt has less overall quilting which leads me to believe it was made a bit later.

The small print cranberry red and shirting fabrics used in this quilt were popular in the 1880-1910 time period.
Simple straight lines were used to quilt the blocks.  A quilted wreath of hearts filled with a center design similar to Grandmothers Flower Garden fill the setting blocks.
A cheerful quilt for a family that obviously enjoyed tending the flock.  Click the start button below for a little slideshow from the Harding album.
A Few Fowl Slideshow

Click here to read more about the Harding family and other quilts from this collection.

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